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Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the user of computer hardware and software applications over the internet.  This will allow you to store files and use applications from many different locations in a simple way.

What is cloud accounting? 

Cloud accounting serves the same function as accounting software that you would install on your computer, except it runs on our servers and you access it over the internet.  Your data is securely stored and processed on our servers.  You can thus access your business financials from anywhere and using any device, as long as you are connected to the internet.

What is the benefits of cloud accounting? 

Apart from the benefit that you can access your data from anywhere, you never need to install software on your computer and updates are automatic.  Backups are also done offsite every day.  Our servers are hosted in a dedicated data centre.

Other Services

As technologies rapidly advance, companies increasingly need to update their computer systems. At  Ease Accounting can audit your system competencies and gauge upgrade needs as well as provide support in choosing and implementing new hardware or network systems. As experts in this field, we can put your computer problems at bay as well as improve your computer system’s performance taking into consideration any budget you may have.